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 "Advances in IoT Cyber Protection"

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Guide: Eliminate Medical IoT Security Vulnerabilities

By 2020, More Than 25% of Cyberattacks Will Involve IoT Devices. Are You Prepared?

The pairing of  ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence application and Seceon’s aiSIEM for medical IoT security provides powerful automated detection and containment capabilities to disrupt any intrusion. 

This is a critical edge in preventing data exfiltration or other malicious damage as well as the spread of threats from unsecured IoT into the rest of your environment.

Download our playbook to learn how this simple-to-deploy solution overcomes these challenges and secures your IoT environment by:


Complete Protection, Even When EDRs Fall Short

Automatically detecting and stopping threats

Deploying transparently in the network, eliminating the need for EDRs

Never disrupting your applications

Only stopping threat conversations, not your critical communications