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Demo: Improve Splunk ES Effectiveness and ROI

Accelerate and Automate Threat Detection, Verification, and Containment

The performance of many SIEM tools, like Splunk ES, is tied to data they ingest - the type, quality, and quantity. For example:

  • Sending too much of the wrong kind of data will increase costs and the number of false positive alerts.
  • But if you don't send enough data, you'll run the risk of missing threats. It's true - research has proven up to 80% of missed threats are on the internal network.

ARIA SDS feeds Splunk ES (or any other SIEM solution) "skinny" NetFlow metadata for all network traffic. This gives Security Operations Center (SOC) teams enterprise-wide visibility—from on-premise, to the public cloud, to the data center. This visibility saves time and money and improves threat hunting and cyber security investigation effectiveness.

Integrating Splunk ES with the ARIA SDS solution helps SOC teams gain the following critical capabilities: 

  • Find missed network-borne threats, earlier in the kill chain
  • Contain threats without shutting down infected devices, including IoT
  • Reduce complexity around query-string creation, and perform 10x faster searches

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