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Improve SIEM Effectiveness and ROI

Four Steps to Stopping More Threats and Reducing Costs

ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence application solves two critical flaws in today's SIEMs: Ineffective threat detection due to data quality, and the high costs tied to the volume of data ingested. This last point is a key consideration if you use SIEMs that price by the amount of data ingested, such as Splunk and QRadar.

Our ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence application solves these issues in four ways:

  1. Provides better data: Generate unsampled NetFlow data vs. full packets and save up to 1000x on data-ingested pricing
  2. Improves effectiveness: Monitor select data conversations to find specific threats
  3. Completes in network visibility: Stop east-west network-born threats that standard tools miss
  4. Captures and analyzes: Record network traffic and perform analysis to locate impacted devices and records